2013 m. spalio 20 d., sekmadienis

The Smurfs

Smurfs movies is about evil Gargamel attacking they're village, and they didin't have any choice but just run away... They somehow openned magical portal to other world (New York).
And they teleported to Patrick house, but they have to hurry get back to they own world, because Gargamel going to destroy they're village, and all smurfs in there..
Patrick reacted to Smurf very scary, but after some time he's started like them because they're helped for his family life, job creating a new commercial, but was a little problem Smurfs was very clumsy. Gargamel founded a magical portal to, and teleported to in the New York, and started hounting smurfs and magical portal key, but Smurfs founded key first and opened portal and get back to they own world and leaved Gargamel in our world.

  1. What makes this movie great/fun/interesting/ or maybe boring? Funny characters, good story.
  2. What characters were good? Why?Gargamels cat was funny, because he's always get in funny situations
  3. Which parts of the movie you did not like? Why? End of the movie, because they talked alot not interesting things
  4. Would you change anything in the movie? What? If not, why wouldn't you change? I wouldn't because it's good how it is now, funny/good story, and interesting/funny characters

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